Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things in my Room Thursday #8

Yeah, I know, ANOTHER body part for Things in my Room. This time it's my hand:

When I was about 4, maybe 5, Christopher and I took an art class. It was very fun, we did stuff with clay, paper mache, plastery stuff (I don't know what it's called). We also either painted or used oil pastels or something like that to make pictures.

We had to make a mold of our (Christopher made one also) hands. It was rather tedious because you couldn't move your hand while making the mold. But, when that was finished, we got to decorate our hands. Now let me explain something to you; Christopher and I each made a paper mache ball and a hand, on each of his: two colors, on each of mine: LOTS of colors and little sequiny, colorful gluey dot stuff. Hmmmmm, we're not that different, right? Oh please, I plan on writing a post on comparing our art.

Well, back to Things in my Room, go join at MSM now.


Muddy said...

This is cute-and what a great memory concerning it. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is really neat! The colors and design are very well done.

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

Very cute and creative!

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