Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last night, when I was going through a box full of clutter that I had hiding behind my chair, I found some jewelry making items.  I didn't actually come across something for making jewelry to wear, but for making fan pulls.  They were in my stocking from Christmas.

The fan pull I have had for about a million years was a clear dolphin.  I would've taken a picture for you, but Mom has already given it to Goodwill.  I have no idea why I had it or where it came from; all I know is that it had been there forever and didn't really go with my room.  I decided to make one that did. 

The reason the brown beads look off to the side is because they wouldn't fit on the actual swirly fan pull.  I really wanted to use them though; they helped make the fan pull look like it actually belonged in my room.  So, I just took a thin piece of wire, attached it to the fan pull, and put the brown beads on the wire.  I think it looks better with the brown beads like that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


For TIMHT I am showing you this frame.  So, this frame is super teeny with little purple rhinestones.  My favorite about it though, is the picture (of course).

We have a friend named Ginger who houses many animals and lives in the country.  She has about 78 million cows and dogs.  She also has birds and cats (good mix).  Anyway, now you know what she is like.  Ginger is fully prepared and capable of taking care of any animal.  The little raccoon in the picture, Frederick, is one she found without a mother.  She had to bottle feed it and keep it warm.  It was so cute and soft with little "hands".  Once it got old enough she let it go; it was quite sad to not see Frederick anymore.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cosas en mi Casa Jueves!

There's my 3 years of Spanish working!

For TIMHT I will be doing a few weeks of pictures/picture frames in my room.  First One:

Mother is guesstimating that I am three years old in this picture.  Mother colored my eyes blue so they would stand out, I did not do the coloring.

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