Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last night, when I was going through a box full of clutter that I had hiding behind my chair, I found some jewelry making items.  I didn't actually come across something for making jewelry to wear, but for making fan pulls.  They were in my stocking from Christmas.

The fan pull I have had for about a million years was a clear dolphin.  I would've taken a picture for you, but Mom has already given it to Goodwill.  I have no idea why I had it or where it came from; all I know is that it had been there forever and didn't really go with my room.  I decided to make one that did. 

The reason the brown beads look off to the side is because they wouldn't fit on the actual swirly fan pull.  I really wanted to use them though; they helped make the fan pull look like it actually belonged in my room.  So, I just took a thin piece of wire, attached it to the fan pull, and put the brown beads on the wire.  I think it looks better with the brown beads like that.

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Victoria - Hutch said...

I'm getting a kick out of reading your posts....I wish I had discovered your blog before last week! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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