Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

I just made mini-donuts with my new donut-maker from Williams - Sonoma / SANTA. I dipped them in organic chocolate that I melted in my new Hersheys fondue style chocolate melter from Christopher. Today has been a great day! Christopher woke up 2 a.m. and I woke up at 5 a.m.. This year we went to Jessica and Matt's - everybody used to come to our house - but now there's Charlotte :)
We went there following the directions from Mom's new GPS system. (of course we knew the way, but it is a cool, talking gadget). Josh and Constance came, and Danny and Patsy. Everybody loved their gifts. We played Electronic Banking Monopoly - Danny won like crazy.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I still sell Avon, and have gotten many new customers this year. There is a website you can order from: Click HERE! Thanks to all my loyal customers!


This March we got to go to Disney World!!! It was as wonderful as we expected! We went with the Ryes and Christopher's friend Andy. The ride down was long and the cars were cramped, but when we got there it was amazing. We stayed at a Disney hotel called Pop Century. We rode the buses everywhere. We also went to Universal and to a very fun place called Medieval Knights where you watched a show and ate dinner. It is a vacation we will never forget; we're ready to go back!

Russell Christmas

The Russell Christmas was at Uncle Joe and Aunt Nellie's house. I brought my delicious banana pudding. It was fun to have two babies there: Morgan and Charlotte. The gifts were very nice. One thing Morgan and Charlotte got was a Vtech train; Charlotte LOVES hers. It is several days later, and still the first thing she wants to play with every morning until bedtime. Christopher and I got excellent gifts; one thing we both got was a Zounds system - we thought they were super cool and fun even before we got home and realized they can be used as a speaker for my ipod and as an alarm clock (I needed a new one).

Joanna's mom was there and Kristi brought her boyfriend Tyler.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Creation Museum

This year we visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Mom, Christopher, Patsy and I all went. We got to see it before it was even completely finished. The museum was very well done and also had a very nice walking area outside. Kentucky was altogether a beautiful place. We loved just driving around and enjoying the wonderful weather. It was a very nice vacation.


I am going bowling again this year. A few things have changed. Now I am on a league at Cordova Bowling and Christopher is on one also. I have one other person on my team and Christopher has two. My highest score is 132 and Christopher's is 144. Right now Sarah (my teammate) and I are in 1st place and Christopher's team is in 4th.
Bowling is great and Christopher and I really like it.


Bellevue has a clown ministry called God's Happy Faces. Why am I telling you this? Because I am now a clown. My clown name is Lollipop. There are about 30 clowns. We have been taught how to do tricks, skits, and make animal balloons. So far I can make a dog, giraffe, dachshund, horse, mouse, hat, sword, and a ladybug. I have been to block parties where we face paint and I have been in 2 parades. Being a part of the Clown Ministry is great.I'm on the left, my friend Katie is on the right.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Charlotte is now 16 months old. She can say words like cah-cah (cracker) and Bubba (Christopher). She knows a few signs as well- -eat, bath, more, drink, and milk are the main ones. She walks very well now. Her hair is curly, but only in the back. She still loves to eat. We all love having her come visit, but I am very tired at the end of the day because I have to do all the work while Mom and Christopher watch.


During our trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, we went to Newport on the Levee. We went to the aquarium there and then to eat. After eating we were looking at all the kiosks they had set up. They had one where you could get hermit crabs. I went to look at them. They all had painted shells. Mom thought they looked gross (and still does). But I wanted one. Mom asked the man if a hermit crab would be able to last in the car for a few hours. He said " Ma'am, they spent *three hours* on a FedEx plane, they will last in the car. So I picked one out and the man put him in the little case and told us how to take care of him. We also got an extra shell for when he grew out of the one he was in. Then we got in the car and went to the Creation Museum. Afterwards (around five hours later; we ate at the museum, etc.) we got back in the car and my hermit crab had changed shells! We couldn't believe it. Then I realized he needed a name. We were all thinking and Christopher said we should call him FredEx since he came here on a FedEx plane. We call him Fred for short. Now he's doing fine and I love to let him crawl on me. Mom still won't hold him, but, oh well. I think he's cute!

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