Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Russell Christmas

The Russell Christmas was at Uncle Joe and Aunt Nellie's house. I brought my delicious banana pudding. It was fun to have two babies there: Morgan and Charlotte. The gifts were very nice. One thing Morgan and Charlotte got was a Vtech train; Charlotte LOVES hers. It is several days later, and still the first thing she wants to play with every morning until bedtime. Christopher and I got excellent gifts; one thing we both got was a Zounds system - we thought they were super cool and fun even before we got home and realized they can be used as a speaker for my ipod and as an alarm clock (I needed a new one).

Joanna's mom was there and Kristi brought her boyfriend Tyler.

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MSM said...

An awesome recipe I got from Pat for Banana Punch:

6 cups water
4 cups sugar
Heat these two until sugar dissolves.

5-6 mashed bananas
1 large (46 oz) pineapple juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
12 oz can frozen orange juice

Freeze all this in ziploc bags (5); when ready to serve put 1 bag serving in bowl with 1 bottle ginger ale.

I haven't made it yet; but it sounds SO GOOD to me.

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