Saturday, November 29, 2008

My CHAIR!!!!

Last June (2007) Mom, Jessica, and I redid my room. My room had unpainted wood bookcases and bed, a very faded wall color, and had just become very junky.

We took practically everything out of my room (excluding things that couldn't be moved). We painted the walls, the shelves, and my bed. Then, Mom and Jessica made a trip to Target and got tons of baskets for "organizing".

My bed is "high in the sky" according to Charlotte so I had an empty space in my room, and needed some kind of chair! We looked and we thought and we thought and we looked, finally, in Pottery Barn Kids we found that pink chair you see above. Now at first it was wonderful, but it is just a step above beanbag material so over time it wasn't a chair, it was just something to pile things upon. When it wasn't covered in clothes (CLEAN clothes) it didn't look very good. That picture above was when we first got it so it still looks like a chair. I needed something better.

We looked and we thought and we thought and we looked. Then, Jessica and Mom saw the perfect chair at Baby Time. Baby Time is a warehouse type store (but not cheap) with all the coolest and cutest baby furniture and accessories. They have fancy cribs and CHAIRS - gliders, rocker, etc., for nurseries. Most of the chairs glide and swivel and are super comfortable. You get to choose what fabric you want on the chair also.

I paid for the chair with all my life's savings (I'm just barely kidding...). I really didn't want to spend so much money, it was the most expensive thing I had ever bought. I had earned money from selling Avon, but that wasn't the only money making thing I had. Sometimes I get money for my birthday and holidays. I also earn money from our neighbors whenever they go out of town: I pick up their mail, take care of animals and things like that.

Since I've depleted my savings account, I've been trying to sell even more Avon and one of the neighbors that I've 'worked' for before has already said they'll be going out of town in the early part of next year.

So, grand finale, here's the chair:

The fabric is flocked!

It is green, brown, and tan; I love it!! It's awesome and I enjoy having a nice place to read.


Rachel said...

It's so cute!

Becca Hoover said...

It is darling. Yes, they are extremely overpriced! I looked there for a chair after I had Holden and was just not going to give what they wanted. So, I went to Babies-R-Us and found a comparable chair and ottoman for about 1/2 the price that Baby Time was asking...and it is VERY comfortable. :)

blondie said...

that chair is amazing!!! i luv the pattern and the colors and it looks just like you

Mary said...

You sayin' I look like a chair?!?!

Hannah said...

I love that chair! I want to be an interior designer when I grow up. I LOVE reading too!


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