Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farmer's Market

Today we went to the Farmer's Market. I love going there; the best time to go is on Saturdays. Saturday is when the "craft" people come. On the other days of the week it's just the "farmers". It isn't as fun to go when it's hot but once it gets cold outside it's awesome. Sadly, November 1st is their last day.

The craft/homemade people have all different stuff. There's goat's milk soap and lotion, jewelry, candles, coffee, and more.

Because it's October, there are TONS of pumpkins and weird gourds. I brought my new digital camera, and took some (okay, a lot of) pictures.

The earrings I bought

Funky gourds

Flat greenish/blue pumpkins

Turkey pumpkin

Turkey feet

Beautiful mums


Little pumpkins

Little white pumpkins

This is only one tenth of how many pumpkins there were, and they were HUGE

Greenish/blue flat pumpkin

Green pumpkin

Table of crazies

Little, tiny pumpkins still on the vine

Hmmmm. . .

Little funky gourds

Little striped pumpkins

I'm thinking about opening a Flickr account for my pictures, should I?


sourpatch said...

You certainly should!

Lots of pumpkins, we need to get one this year....


Anonymous said...

its kt btw...yeah.
well i am the anyomys poster on all your posts.
i love your earrings! i think im going to steal them from you!
and the pumpkins are beautiful, of course.

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