Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things In My House Thursday #11

Things in my Room: My Trophies.

I have 12 trophies. I have seven soccer trophies, two music trophies, two bowling trophies, and one tee-ball trophy. The soccer and tee-ball trophies weren't awarded because I did something, they're more so keepsakes (they were given to every member of the team). I got the music trophies from my piano teacher after recitals. The bowling trophies were the only ones I won.

My bowling trophies, the 07 one is second place, the other one is first place.

I only played t-ball one year; and my uniform was a little big on me...

When Christopher was helping me edit the pics, he went a little crazy with special effects.... otherwise he would have to be working on a school paper...

Join the fun at MSM!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Great special effects!! Anything to get out of school huh? LOL!

I love the picture of you in your uniform. You are a cutie!!!

Muddy said...

Cute photo of you playing T-Ball. With T-ball...everybody wins! Nice collection of trophies there :)

sourpatch said...

Nice trophies!

I saw you at Veritas the other day!


Mary said...

I saw you! ;)

sourpatch said...

I know you did!

Anonymous said...

hey its katie btw.
that is such a cute pic of you playing teeball. you were so serious!life or death out there, huh?

and nice special effects...very snazzy.

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