Saturday, December 20, 2008


I haven't done any pictures of Charlotte lately.

Plain clothes...

Getting her "nice" clothes; throwing a fit

Santa hat!

Here comes trouble

She's bossy like her mother


Me in the santa hat

What is she thinking?

Well, those are the most recent of Charlotte.

Oh, by the way, I made more sugar cookies today.  These have icing and sprinkles.


MSM said...

That Santa hat is ADORABLE!

sourpatch said...

Aww! I love it! The pictures are awesome!

I love all of them! You should open a Flickr account so we can comment on them.

Caroline said...

Charlotte is so cute! Did you take all those pictures?! They are really good.

Go to my blog and join Gift-Giving Sunday. It is the new blog meme I started. It isn't too late to join!


Lauren J. said...

She's so cute! :D

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