Monday, December 15, 2008


Today is my Blogoversary.  

The End.

Kidding, kidding, kidding.

My mother was saying I should write a poem for this post.  I was not about to write a poem; for me, writing poems is horrible, but it did start another discussion. 

 Mom pronounced poem more like poim.  Christopher thinks this sounds like "boing" so he immediately started bouncing around the kitchen saying, "poim, poim, poim" (what seventeen year old doesn't?).  We all started discussing how families tend to pronounce things the same way..... but thankfully, Mom doesn't pronounce everything the way her parents did:

Warsh rag, shurff...

Hey! Somebody call the Shurff!  All my warsh rags are missing!  

One time, when my my mom was up in one of those "New" places, could've been York, Jersey, who knows; She was having dinner with her friend and her friend's friend (who was from the New place), we'll call him Temerity.  So, Temerity was ordering whatever, say, the Herb Chicken (totally made that up).  However when he said herb, being up north and all, he pronounced the 'H', unlike down here in the south.  When Temerity said this, my mom was just in one of those moods where everything is funnier; so she started laughing really hard.  

I don't think I would start laughing if someone said HHHerb, but I would think it was weird (and that's all that matters)

So there you have it, my Blogoversary post.

Mary "The Tin Can" 

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Anonymous said...

It is funny how people pronounce things. "Warsh rag" is funny!

You should do the Christmas Tour of homes at BooMama! I would love to see your house.


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