Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things in my House Thursday

This week's feature of TIM-room-T will be very revealing. You are going to learn something about me that few people know.

I am part reptile.

It's true. For one long season out of every year, my hands look like crocodile feet.

They hurt like a crocodile.

But I resort to creams, lotions, gloves and socks. Lately, I have been using the Tea Tree and E Antiseptic. Here's the thing, I can use one lotion for a few weeks, but then it starts to make my hands turn red and they burn. So then, I have to switch lotions for a little while. You see my dilemma? I hate dry skin! I have my dad to thank for my dry skin.


Caroline's mom said...

Have you found anything that works well? My mom was saying that her hands are SO dry - even splits on her thumbs; ouch! I am very sorry you have to deal with that!

Rachel said...

A friend of mine sells homemade lotions. She gets the wax from her own bees. Her web address is:

Muddy said...

My daughter had always had that problem too. When she was real little we slathered her hands in Vaseline and then put socks on her hands.

Now she uses Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula hand cream that works well. Good luck with your dry skin therapies !

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