Thursday, February 19, 2009


For TIMHT I am showing you this frame.  So, this frame is super teeny with little purple rhinestones.  My favorite about it though, is the picture (of course).

We have a friend named Ginger who houses many animals and lives in the country.  She has about 78 million cows and dogs.  She also has birds and cats (good mix).  Anyway, now you know what she is like.  Ginger is fully prepared and capable of taking care of any animal.  The little raccoon in the picture, Frederick, is one she found without a mother.  She had to bottle feed it and keep it warm.  It was so cute and soft with little "hands".  Once it got old enough she let it go; it was quite sad to not see Frederick anymore.


Caroline's mom said...

Wow, Mary - I love everything about this. The frame is awesome (looks like a vintage brooch??), and I'm a sucker for animals as well. Frederick is so sweet!

Hannah said...

That's a beautiful picture frame. And Frederick is so cute:D


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