Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Last week was VBS (vacation bible school).  I was a youth worker and a clown so it was pretty hectic.  I had a lot of fun helping though.

Since I helped in VBS, I got a coupon for a free Chick-fil-A sandwich.  I also got a gift card to Bath and Body Works from the director of the VBS class.  I have no idea what I'm going to buy; there is so much good stuff to choose from.

Saturday, Mom and I went to Chick-fil-A and I used my coupon.  Now what I am going to tell is the reason for this post:

It was my first chicken sandwich ever!!

I had always gotten the kid's meal with nuggets but because I had the coupon I tried the sandwich.  I liked it. . . a lot.  It is definitely what I am going to order from now on.


Jessica B. said...

i love the sandwich. If you ask for it with no pickles, you get that awesome orange "No Pickles" sticker on the top!

Susan said...

I can't believe you've NEVER had a chicken sandwich!!! Now you know what you've been missing. Remarkable, uh? Don't listen to Jessica...the pickles are what gives it that extra something. We're going there tonight for dinner before church, and I may just have to get a sandwich instead of nuggets.

sourpatch said...

I've never had one of their sandwiches before, either. I like their chicken nuggets a lot though. Everything is good about Chik-Fil-A except the lines.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I tagged you!

Today I tried a chicken sandwich at Burger King. It was good!

Mary said...

Elana, I suggest you try the chicken sandwich. I am glad however to know I wasn't the only one not to have eaten a chicken sandwich. :)

I remember the certain pickle stickers on a certain baby's forehead.

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