Monday, June 30, 2008

What I'm Baking

On Sundays after church our family eats lunch together. Me, Mom, Christopher, Dad (if he's not working), Jessica, Matt, Charlotte, and Danny. Sometimes we go to a restaurant, sometimes we go to our house or Jessica's, with either pizza or chinese or having a meal from the crockpot or such; whatever Jessica and Mom have decided the night before.

Whenever someone's birthday is coming up, we have Birthday Sunday. That means the Sunday before their birthday we all go out to eat where they want to go, and give them their presents. My dad's birthday is coming up next, July 4th (special, eh?).

Now, my dad is a firefighter. That means somedays he is gone the whole day. So, on his b-day Sunday, he was at the fire station. He is also at the fire station the next two Sunday's after that AND he is there on his actual birthday.

Mom decided we would have the Sunday Group over on Thursday night (plus Uncle Reb and Aunt Carolyn), the day before his b-day. Which means I have some baking to do!

For Thursday night we are getting a chocolate cake from Costco (very delicious) and I am making
Red, White and Blueberry Squares. On Friday, when we go up to the fire station, we have to bring a lot of dessert. You see, at the fire station, it's all men (maybe one girl, MAYBE). Because it's all men, there are lots of big bellies to feed. So for Friday I am baking chocolate chip cookies, banana pudding squares, and we are getting cupcakes from Costco (oh, how we love Costco).

Well, that's what's going on. I am glad I get to bake some goodness. Firefighters love my goodness.

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Anonymous said...

ey its kt.

all those snacks sound delicious!! tat stinks that ur dad is working on his b-day!!

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