Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today we had clowns, or so I thought.

We always get a clown calender so that we know when things are scheduled; the calendar said we had clowns today. (We are either performing or practicing).

When I got to the room where we always meet, nobody was there. A few minutes later one other girl, Samantha, came. We kept wondering why we were the only two there, until another clown member walked by and saw us. She said we had had a meeting yesterday but we didn't have one today. Neither Samantha or I knew about the clown event on Saturday, so we didn't get the message that today's practice was canceled.

I had forgotten my phone, and I borrowed Samantha's phone to call Mom, but her phone was still on vibrate mode for the church service, so of course she didn't hear it.

I went downstairs to the doors where we always leave, but Mom and Christopher had had to leave a little early (to pick up Jessica and Charlotte - no car) so I missed them.

I was looking around for anybody I knew. I saw the lady my Mom teaches Sunday School with, Amy, and I told her what had happened. She tried calling my Mom, but she still didn't answer (she'd forgotten to turn up the ringer). Amy offered to just drive me home. She's nice like that!

They have a sort-of small car and three kids, but were still able to fit me in. On the way to my house, their youngest daughter (Charlotte's age), Addison, talked almost the whole time. She is really good at talking. When I was telling them where to turn I said it was a little past Super Target. After I said that, Amy asked Addison what was on her shirt. Addison looked at it and said "Super Target". Addison was very funny.

There was an 'up' side to this 'ordeal'; when I walked through the garage door into the house, everybody just stared at me like I was some alien! The looks on their faces were priceless!


MSM said...

Of course, you should've tried Christopher's phone. . . or just gone straight to the decision / counseling room to find Danny!!

Mary said...

Samantha was in a hurry.

Amy said she would take me home before I had the chance to call Christopher or Jessica.

I don't know where the counseling room is.

Susan said...

Now, now children. Must we argue in public? Poor Mary being abandoned at church not able to find any of her loved ones. How very sad!!

MSM said...

What's sad, is that you would've been next on her call list (well, after Jessica), and you'd been driving all the way up to BBC to rescue her!!! : )

Susan said...

I would have gladly driven up to BBC to "rescue" Mary. She can count on us!

Mary said...

Yay! Go Susan!!

Caroline said...

That is a funny story now, but I bet it wasn't when you were stuck at the church! That is weird that you didn't know about the changed meeting date.

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