Friday, May 9, 2008

There's no place like home

We're back from Chickasaw State Park! The cabins were nice. We will just know to bring some of our own things if we go again - like specific pots or pans for baking, etc. We could walk to Aunt Nancy's and Uncle Mark's "campsite" from our cabin. The park had some nice trails but, after the first day I decided not to go on any more trails, because Mom and I both got a tick on us.
It was really fun to be there when it wasn't crowded, but we want to go some time when we can ride the horses and rent the paddle boats. We went into Henderson, Jackson, and Boliver. It was weird to be in Jackson because we were so close to home. It was very fun and I hope we can go back sometime when everything is open.

Our cabin

We did four puzzles while we were there

This puzzle had an extra piece!

Having a fire was cool. We had one almost every night.

Every morning he would come by for food. . .

then he started bringing his buddie

Clovis, Uncle Mark's dog


sourpatch said...

We went to Chickasaw once! We stayed in the cabin next to yours. It was covered in polyurathen(sp?)!

We weren't able to rent the horses then either. Hmmm. I hope ya'll had a lot of fun. An don't get too grossed out with ticks! jk


Anonymous said...

Wow, those cabins looked really cool! That is cool how the ducks came by.

Hope you had a good time!

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