Monday, May 12, 2008

What I'm Reading

I have recently finished reading Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen).  I watched the movie first and then read the book.  I like books that were set in the "past" (1800s,1700s).

Now, I am reading Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte).  It is also from the 1800s.  Mom told me to read Jane Eyre.  I really like the Jane Eyre version I'm reading right now because it has footnotes.

I am enjoying these "classic" books.  Other books you should read are: Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon (L.M. Montgomery).


Anonymous said...

My mom's favorite book is Jane Eyre and she has a copy of it that she bought at Haworth, England where Charlotte Bronte lived! I recently watched the movie Pride and Prejudice too.
I love Anne of Green Gables!
Is it OK if I use your idea (books I'm reading) for a post on my blog?

Katie said...

I loved P&P!!!! What version of the movie did you watch?

I also Loved Jane Eyre too! all of my friends say i look like the Jane in the movie! :)


Mary said...

I watched the version with Keira Knightley.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Katie said...

I think i watched a different version then you...but i'm not sure... :)

Your Welcome


Katie said...

P.s i responded to your comment on my blog

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