Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Bed and Quilt

It's finally here! Charlotte's birthday party is today. We have been having Charlotte at our house a lot so Jessica can prepare, and I have even had to go over to her house a few days to help get ready for the party (planting flowers, spray painting kids' chairs, etc.). Last night I made delicious sugar cookies to go in the party favor bags; each cookie has a yellow m & m in the middle.

Charlotte loves baby dolls so we decided to get her a baby doll bed. Then, to go on the baby bed, Mom and I made a little quilt. (It's a very cute Melissa and Doug bed, but the blanket and pillow that came with it - pretty lame.) Putting the pieces together and doing the "quilting" was easy. I didn't like the binding. I had some trouble with it, but luckily sewing class started back and my teacher helped me!

I also made the pillow


Mother/Grandma Sharon said...

I am very impressed with how well seams matched up in your quilt. The blocks must be very tiny. That had to take you a long time to cut the blocks. I am Caroline's grandma. I just wandered onto your blog.

sourpatch said...

Beautiful! Great color choices, it seeems like you did a great job with the binding.

Mary said...

Thank you, thank you.

MSM said...

Wow, Mary didn't bother to mention:

that I cut out all the blocks, and yes, they were tiny!

( I helped a very little bit with the piecing; Mary did do everything else).

And that we picked the bright colors because yellow is Charlotte's favorite right now.

Mary's a lazy commenter. . .

sourpatch said...

That happened to be Rachel commenting previously. She was careless with the usernames.... Oh well!

Very nice, by the way! That had to take your FOREVER! I love the fabric and sides and everything! Wonderful! I could never have the patience....

I have a question with commenting. I've noticed some people use italics and stuff like that. How in the world?! Thanks!

sourpatch (yes, it really is me)

MSM said...

Sourpatch - the italics and bold is just very basic HTML ; I learned it back in the old days of ebay when you had to know it to be able to have any kind of interesting listing.

For italics, just surround the word with and .
The greater than -less than thingies distinguish the html language, the letter i says italics, and the backslash says stop the italics.
There are a lot of simple commands like this; b is for bold.

Anyway, you can do it. If this doesn't make it easy enough, just look online for basic html. This commenting set-up probably only allows a few, but still handy.

MSM said...

sorry about that elana; the previous post READ the symbols as html and came out wrong.

before the word "and" it was saying to surround the word you want to emphasize with the thing pointing left (above comma) and with the thing pointing right (above period). inside you use a one letter command.

you can email me for clarification, but it's simple to find the examples online.

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