Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things in my Room Thursday #2

The next thing in my room I want to share is my collection of bouncy balls. I have big ones, medium ones, and small ones. I have been collecting them for several years. I have gotten some from the dentist, I have gotten some from Christopher, one of them I even found in a parking lot.

Mostly, I just like the way they look in their jar; all the different sizes and colors.

I will probably keep these forever, and have them for my children. The collection will probably be a lot bigger by then. I don't think they will be valuable, per se, but it will still be nice to pass on something that was meaningful to me.

Bounce on over to MommySweetMom's and participate in "TIMHT". It's fun!!!!

Now to have a "contest". There is no prize except for the sheer joy of winning. Can you guess how many bouncy balls are in the jar? Leave a comment with your answer. I will announce the winner tomorrow.


sourpatch said...

That's neat!

I think about 90! It's hard to tell, though.


Amy said...

Like your bouncy ball collection, I have a collection of marbles that I keep in a jar. I also think they look pretty with all the different colors mixed together. I wouldn't have thought to share those. What a great thing to share!

I'd have to guess 114. It is hard to tell!

Anonymous said...

I guess about 40. It is really hard to tell!

Hope I win!

Jessica B. said...


Muddy said...

I am going to guess 35!

I like the way they look in the jar too. What a neat collection.

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