Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things in my Room Thursday #3

The third thing I'm sharing from my room is my gumball machine picture.

I got it at Hallmark with my own money (from the garage sale). It actually holds candy and you can turn the handle and some comes out.

I have Skittles in it because we couldn't find any small gumballs. It is Charlotte's favorite thing in my room, because she knows how to get candy out of it. It also hangs next to my mirror, so Charlotte can look at herself while she swipes Skittles. Looking at herself is her
#1 favorite thing to do!


Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

What a neat picture! I've never seen one before, but I like it. Skittles are good, but I can also imagine M & M's in it. :D

MSM said...

Yeah, m & m's - that's what I'd like!

Amy said...

How adorable! I've never seen one before!

Muddy said...

What a unique wall decoration! I love it.

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