Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I had a clown meeting / practice Sunday after church. We go over things we have been practicing and learn new things. There were 20 clowns that showed up so we had to be separated into 2 groups.

First we were taught a rope trick, and after practicing that until everybody had successfully done it a few times, the groups switched. This time they were trying to teach us to juggle (there are 4 teachers altogether). I was not very good: I always threw the ball forward, but I will keep trying. After that the group I was in went outside the room to do skits. We did skits for awhile and then went back into the room and made animal balloons; I made a giraffe, a sword, a mouse, a ladybug bracelet, and a monkey on a tree.

Animal balloons are my favorite thing to do. I really enjoy clowns and can't wait until our next meeting!

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sourpatch said...

Hey Mary,

That sounds fun! They have a lot of clowns this year!! Have you done any skits or anything yet?


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