Sunday, February 17, 2008

Disciple Now

I haven't posted since Valentines Day, not because I didn't have anything to write about, but 
because I was at DNow. 
DNow is a church event where the youth get together and groups of peopl
e stay together at someone's house for the weekend. We sleep at the host home, but spend most of our time attending events at church. We also went to play LaserTag for our recreation time. 
My whole Sunday school class did it as a group. It was a great way to learn more about God and His plan for the world, and how sin affects us. 
It was very fun; I got to know the girls in my class even better and I made a new friend.  


sourpatch said...

That's cool. Did you spend the whole weekend?


Mary said...

Yes - from Friday to Sunday morn.

Susan said...

I'm so glad you went and did DNow. Quite an experience, uh? Was Mrs. Anna one of your counselors? Where did you stay? How many girls were there? Fun, fun, fun!!!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Anna couldn't be there because she had to work :(

Our assistant teacher and a helper were there; we stayed at Jessica Nicole's :) - it's a very nice house. There were 12 girls in our group.

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