Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess what we got...

Mom got her Costco  (Amex) rebate today! After Spanish class with Senor Blanco, we headed to Costco for some fun shopping.  She was not sure what she was going to get so we just roamed around the store looking for goodies. 

 Then, we saw it, we had wanted one FOREVER but never could get one: a ROOMBA.  (A roomba is a little vacuum cleaner that goes around all by itself and cleans, so you can be out running errands and your house is getting vacuumed!)  The reason we had always wanted one was because of the dogs and cats: we have a wonderful Dyson, but even if we vacuumed 3 times a day (it could happen), at the end of the day there would be hair everywhere. 

 As soon as we arrived home I started opening it (we got a few other items but Mom and Christopher could worry about those things).  It was very cool because it came with a little bit of a charge and an easy quick start guide.  It is simple: you sit it on the floor, press clean, and VOILA!  It switches to rugs easily from the hardwood floor, and we all got TOO excited when it disappeared under the couch and came out the other end. 

 There is this blue light that turns on when it senses a dirtier spot, and cleans extra thoroughly there.  (We got to see a lot of the blue light. . .)  We've emptied the trash bin three times already;  it really picked up the hair and dirt.

We are so happy about it.  Who knew I could be so excited about a vacuum cleaner!  :D

Oh yeah:  Jack is terrified of IT (we knew he would be), Molly follows IT and barks (we knew she would), and Baby Grace views IT suspiciously from whatever perch she can find in whatever room it's in.  IT and Samantha haven't met yet.


sourpatch said...

That thing looks soooo cool! That's what WE need! :) Imagine...something that vacumns for you....How many times do you turn it on a day? Is it quiet, or loud?

sourpatch :) :) :) :)

Mary said...

We turn it on about 3 times a day. It is nice and quiet. It is just SO cool!!!!!!! :D

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