Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today was the first day of my sewing class. We got there at the same time my friend Jessica did. We went in and met the teacher and found out we were the only 2! I liked it that way because it was more focused on us. The teacher showed us how to make a bobbin, thread the machine, and load the bobbin. She gave each of us a scrap piece of fabric to practice on. After we had made a few curved stiches she decided we could start cutting the fabric using the pattern. We each made a letter pillow; I made a "C" for Charlotte and Jessica made a "J". When we finished we had enough time to cut out the fabric for the purse.

The sewing machines were AWESOME. They were Berninas; they had the little screen that showed where the needle was, how big the stitches were going to be, and more. Just a touch of a button would change the direction, the type of stitch, etc. You could control the speed of your sewing. Maybe the coolest feature was the automatic cutter for the thread - you didn't have to keep reaching for your scissors. Quite a different experience from our $89.00 Brother!

The teacher mentioned that we could get a discounted price if we bought the ones we used in class. Mom and Susan asked how much they were at the discounted price: we could get them at around 22 - 24 . . . hundred dollars!! I don't think I will be getting one anytime soon.

I really enjoyed this. I have already learned a lot and can't wait till next week.


Jessica B. said...

Very cute!!

I wish I had one of those sewing machines. I do think it makes a difference in the quality of what you make. There are just so many options that you don't have with the cheap one.

I don't have an extra 2200 lying around though.

Mary said...

The sewing machine was so cool. It was so much easier to use than our machine. I really don't think I would have done that well on ours.

jessica r. said...

The machine was awesome!!!

sourpatch said...

Your "C" is really cute! So is Jessica's "J". What is your purse going to look like?


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