Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cooking with JR

I love it when I am signed up with Jessica R for classes or events, because Susan is ALWAYS so good about planning 'car pool' get-togethers when we do. We have our sewing class on Wednesday mornings, so Susan thought we could take turns spending the night with each other on Tuesday nights.

I went to their house first for this; I wanted to learn how to make chicken spaghetti because I had had it over there before and it was good. I also got to make banana pudding because Susan wanted to get to taste mine (she'd heard so much about it!). So Jessica and I cooked dinner and dessert. The chicken spaghetti was very good and the banana pudding was delicious (- even though Brandon thought it needed more bananas. .)

Sadly our sewing class was canceled, but that way we got to spend more time together. I helped Jessica rearrange her terrarium for her hermit crabs; I also told her she needed to mist it so that it would be humid in there. Then Jessica and I played on the Wii a little, but soon we had to leave to go to bowling. I am really glad I got to go over there and cook.


Susan said...

I have to say I was a little surprised when I saw the picture and then read something about Susan and carpooling. Very creative, Mary!!

Let us know when you try out the chicken spaghetti for your family and what they think of it.

I told Brandon next time we make the banana pudding, I'll put in more bananas. He likes at least 2-3 pieces in each bite.

MSM said...

Brandon is a banana pig. (But that is the way I like bananas in my cereal - a slice for every bite.)

Mary said...
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Mary said...

I have already made chicken spaghetti. Christopher and I like poppyseed chicken better but Mom likes chicken spaghetti better because she likes pasta. :)

sourpatch said...

Very interesting. We haven't had chicken spaghetti lately, but it sounds very good. I just got done with dinner: Little Ceasars Pizza. YUMMY!!!

sourpatch :)

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