Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have told you about the pets I want or the pets I have most recently gotten but here is a list the pets that have not yet made it onto the blog.


Jack is MY dog and he is 3 years old. He is a chihuahua/dachshund mix. One bitterly cold day, a few weeks before Christmas 2004, a chihuahua and a dachshund showed up on my sister's porch. We believe that they were husband and wife. Jessica quickly discovered that the chihuahua was pregnant. She had 5 puppies. I really wanted one and I picked the softest, fattest one. When they were puppies they all looked the same but we have gotten to see his siblings since they have grown up: the girls look like chihuahuas and his brother is big and doesn't look like a chihuahua or a dachshund. Jack is super cute, has a very high pitched bark, and I LOVE him.


Molly is my dad's dog and she is 6 years old. She is a Jack Russell Terrier. My dad didn't really want a dog but he had always liked Jack Russell Terriers, so for one of his birthdays he got Molly. Molly is not trained, so if she gets out the front door it is very hard to catch her. She has gotten better at not bolting out the door. She loves going outside (unlike Jack). She has always been neurotic, and her current annoying habit is to lick the hair off of her tail. It is very disgusting. But one look her face makes up for it.


Samantha is not a certain person's cat, she is just here to eat. Samantha is a FAT, ornery cat. My aunt found her under a bush. She does not have a tail, it's just a nub. She loves to eat, sleep, go in and out 50 times a day (not unlike the dogs), and then eat some more.

Baby Grace

When my Dad worked with Lenox, a guy he was working with heard tiny squeaking noises in an attic; he thought his tool was messing up, but Dad found a little ball of fur hidden in a corner.  This 'thing' was so tiny; her ears weren't up, her eyes weren't open, etc. We had to feed her with a bottle, give her baths, make sure she stayed warm enough, but in the end she turned out fine. She was just like a baby, if she could not go with us when we went somewhere we had to find a babysitter. She is a little smaller than most cats because she was deprived of her nutrition as a kitten. I say she is meaner than Samantha because, if you leave Samantha alone, she will not hurt you; Baby Grace comes to get you for no reason. She has stalked me before, sometimes I will just be sitting on the couch and she will jump up there bite me and run away. She is small, sometimes mean, sometimes sweet, and ADORABLE.


Jessica B. said...

Those cats are the devil's cats. That fat one has scary eyes and tries to trip me when I am walking up the stairs. She is fun to look at though....

The black one likes to get up high and look down upon me like she is just waiting for the moment to jump down and scratch my face off.

If ever you all go MIA, I bet I will come over and the cat will have killed you all in your sleep.

The dogs, I like.

sourpatch said...

Nice pets. I have always wanted a dog, except I would want a Golden Retreiver. They are soooo pretty!

I love JRT's!


jessica r. said...

devil cat!!!

jessica r. said...


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