Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Big Day

The day started early - at the orthodontist's office! I got these off:

It took about an hour and 1/2; the braces removal was pretty quick, but it took a while to make molds and such for my retainers. I will get them in a week and I will have to wear them all day for a few months (except when eating, brushing, swimming).

After leaving the orthodonist's, Mom and I took an AVON order to my old piano teacher. We chatted with Ms. Billie for a few minutes,then as we were getting ready to leave, she asked about some lip liner. So, I got another AVON order. Something ridiculous, AVON didn't send me the next campaign of AVON catalogues! Mom had to call ; they were sent but the UPS guy just didn't bring them with our other boxes.

Next, we had to go to the grocery store to get some strawberries for chocolate covered strawberries. I also, of course, HAD to get some gum.

As soon as we got home, I had to start baking for Matt's "Party". I made peanut butter kiss cookies (good, you just had to take small bites, VERY peanut-buttery), then I made chocolate cake with white chocolate chips (people either love it or think it's just ok), and then I made the chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries (delicious).

Soon after finishing cooking we had to leave to go to Susan's. The food there was VERY good (I will be asking for a certain recipe). A while after eating we decided to play a game, we decided on Cranium Pop 5. Cranium's games are really fun. Something that was not fun: If the other team was trying to guess something, and anybody else tried to speak, well, here's what would happen:


Who would do this you ask: MOTHER! You would just decide to say something but would be immediatly SHHHHHHHed. But then Jessica (B) and I started doing it to her, and, she promptly started laughing and it was a long while before she stopped. We had to leave soon after that. Jessica (R) came home with us we helped her put songs on her Ipod. So currently, while I write this post, she eats some cake.

Today was fun, I am rather happy to have my braces off, my desserts were good, and now, Jessica has music on her Ipod.

Tommorow: SEWING!


sourpatch said...

CONGRATS!!! How long did you have them on?? I hope you enjoy your, "new teeth". It did sound like you had a good time at Matts' party, too! I've never heard of Cranium pop 5; we have Cranium Junior and Cranium. What's the difference?


Susan said...

Where's the after picture? Let me say they look marvelous. I guess it's time for us to look into getting some on Jess's teeth.

The strawberries were delicious last night. I may do some today, cause I have lots of strawberries. Sams had some for a good price and they are tasty. The cake was good too, I'm just not crazy (like Matt Babb) about white chocolate.

The game was interesting. I somehow missed all that part with Jenny. Was I giving Charlotte a bath, or was I just ignoring Jenny?

MSM said...

You WERE giving Char a bath when they called much undo attention to my 'sshhhshing', but I don't think you would have so much ignored me as you would have AGREED. Perhaps.

Why all the need for extraneous chatter from other players when one team is processing their turn????? And some other players can't seem to refrain from sharing pertinent information when they know the answer.

So. Call me competitive. Otherwise let's just play Bingo.

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