Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hammacher Schlemmer

Sometimes in the mail we get a catalog called Hammacher Schlemmer.  They sell really expensive stuff.  They have some really cool things, but, like I said, expensive.  The most expensive thing I could find in the catalog is $11,999.95.  What cost that much you say?  Why, an aquatic climbing wall of course!  You have to have some money to spend if you want to get something from this catalog.  

My favorite thing in the catalog is a. . . cooler.  You weren't expecting that were you?  This isn't just any cooler, you ride this cooler.  The handling and speed is similar to a golf cart's.  The cooler can go up to 14 M.P.H.  It can support up to 300 pounds.  Of course, it's $499.95, so, we won't be getting this baby anytime soon.  Oh, wait, we won't EVER be getting this, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.


sourpatch said...

Cool!! We won't be getting that anytime soon either!! The pool treadwill is nice, too. And for only $3,999.95, you can have one, too!! In my dreams....


Caroline said...

That cooler is soo cool! I can't believe how much things cost in that catalog!

P.S. I will be 11 on May 9th.

Anonymous said...

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