Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday


I didn't make this but if I could, I would have made it for Susan.


Susan said...

That cake looks delicious!! Knowing you and all your baking talents, I think if you attempted it, you could make it. However, I'll settle for looking at the picture and thinking about how good it would taste.

Many thanks for the birthday greetings. You're my first Happy Birtday greeting. Of course, that's because it's only 4:30am and I can't sleep and all the rest of the house is snoozing away. Imagine my surprise when I got on and saw your post. THANKS AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan-with all the stuff you can make, you could have made that cake!!

Happy Birthday Susan!!

Anonymous said...

Question-when is your birthday?

Susan said...

Today is the big day. Thanks for the wishes.

sourpatch said...

When I get married, that's what my wedding cake is going to look like. I've made up my mind already.

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