Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sewing, Bowling, and Charlotting

This is my review of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I met Jessica (R) at Bellevue because I was going to spend the night. When I was at her house, Susan opened her birthday present from us. It was a little flashlight/toolkit case from Avon. Susan liked it a lot but the flashlight on the front didn't work, so we will have to return it and order a new one. (We also bought her some colorful flowers).

Jessica and I made pillows using her sewing machine. Mine is a long body pillow and hers is a heart. They both turned out nicely.

Jessica and I woke up early to go to sewing class. When we got there we finished our pajama shirts pretty quickly, and started our aprons. After sewing we went our separate ways to bowling. First I went home so I could eat some lunch. I have just recently started riding to bowling with Christopher. I did pretty well in all my bowling games.

We had Charlotte today. She got to go outside for a little while. She was getting really dirty though so, finally, she agreed to come in because I said she could wash her hands and watch some Veggie Tales. I had decided to get rid of my Polly Pockets since I never played with them and they were taking up a whole cabinet. They were in a big box on the floor so, naturally, Charlotte started going through it. She really liked them, and even though she is too young right now to play with them, we sent them home for Jessica and Matt to give to her later.

Soon after she left we had Poppyseed Chicken for dinner. Then Mom and I went to Target for a few things we needed. Once we got home I called Katie (church / clown friend); and then Mom, Christopher, and I watched American Idol.

The last few days have been pretty full. I enjoyed everything that went on these last few days, but I am glad there is nothing on the calender tomorrow. It leaves tomorrow, a day with nothing going on, to find something good to blog about.

My matching pajama cow shirt to go with the pajama pants; a whole "outfit" finished!


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