Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crab Play Date

Tiny (hiding), Turbo, Jumpy, and Pokey

Today Jessica came over for a short visit and brought Jumpy and Pokey with her.  I got Tiny and Turbo out (bad news - George bit the dust);  they played on the kitchen floor for a while and then had their pics made.  Tiny wouldn't come out for a face shot.  Mom always thinks a crab is dead if they don't move, but closer examination proved that he is in fact still alive.  Tiny got his name for obvious reasons and why Jessica named hers Pokey and Jumpy I have no idea.  Mom thought having four crabs was disgusting but I thought it was fun.


jessica r. said...

I told you that Pokey was named Pokey because when I first got him he wouldn't come out of his shell, and Jumpy got his because he would like never go in his shell

M said...

Well now I think you should switch the names around.

jessica r. said...


jessica r. said...

ohhhhhh i get it now

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