Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Color Bands?

A few days ago I went to the orthodontist to get new bands for my braces. This is my second phase of braces. I should get these off sometime in March and then I will be able chew some GUM!! We really love our orthodontist - even though this happened one time: I was there getting a checkup and Dr. P (our orthodontist) was clipping the wire in the back of my tiny mouth. He pinched my cheek with the big pliers! It was bleeding and it hurt SO bad that I was crying (Dr. P felt really bad). Mom was looking shocked, but Christopher looked worse... he said he needed to go to the bathroom. The lady told him where it was and he walked towards the hall. He just kept looking both ways (later he said everything was getting blurry). Luckily the assistant walked over there to show him the way, because when she got there and he fainted (she caught him). So Mom started screaming and I started crying again. Mom was yelling to call 911, and I had no idea what was going on. The doctor finally calmed Mom down and assured her that Christopher was fine. I was the one bleeding, but I was FORGOTTEN while everybody tried to calm Mom down. After we left we went straight to the fire station Dad was working at - Mom wanted to make sure Christopher did not need to be looked at by paramedics... Dad acted like nothing was wrong so we never got out of the car. Of course Christopher was fine and my mouth was only a little sore. But apparently to Mom we were on the verge of death or something. We will always remember that appointment.

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