Saturday, January 5, 2008



Before FredEx passed away, I had been meaning to get him a friend because I'd read that they are actually social creatures (not hermits!). Fred left behind a nice beach home, so last night we went to Petco to find a lucky couple of crabs to inherit it. One thing Fred had lacked was the terrarium heater (that's why he was in his condo in the bathroom); we bought that and a bigger water dish.
I picked out George because both Mom and I felt sorry for him: he looked way too big for the shell he was in. I chose Turbo out of the pile of crabs for no special reason.
We had to go to Kroger on the way home and the guys went in with us because it was too cold for them to stay in the car. When we got home, Christopher and I set up the heater and other new things and put them in their paradise. I started reading about Hermit crabs to make sure I was doing everything I could for them.
Mom asked how they were doing, and said we should take a picture of them before they change shells. I went to get them while she went to get the camera: Turbo had already moved into Fred's old shell!!
These crabs are very different from Fred: they are busy busy busy; like to CLIMB, and Turbo came up with his name for obvious reasons. If you put him down on the floor, you'd better be ready to run!


Jessica said...

I am oh so excited because mom just said that we might go to Petco Monday!!! yay!!!

Jessica said...

You need a new background- don't forget to back up your widgets first!

Those things look just like the old thing.

Jessica said...

also, how do you know they are boys? Can they have babies?

Jessica said...

One more-

JR- You need to change your name to L'Jessica or JoJessica or something else. One of the posts on my blog as 3 comments and they are from 3 different jessicas in a row.

Jessica said...

My hermit crab pinch me!!!!!!! Pokey pinched me!!!

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