Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PLEASE Comment

To ALL my readers. . . . please leave a comment to this post (or another) when you visit;  I'd really love to know who is reading my blog!  Tell me if there is any 'story' you'd like to hear more about, or pictures you'd like to see more of, etc.  
Thanks to my 'regulars';  and to newbie commenters:  just click on the word 'comment' after each post (story).  All you have to do to leave a comment is sign in with your google account username, but if you don't have one, it's easy to get.   Just sign up with your email address.  Takes a sec.  I like seeing what people thought of my post, but the only way I can know is if y'all will start leaving comments! 


Jessica B. said...

ooooooo... I forgot about Jessica R. drinking from that dirty sock! I am thankful this blog reminded me.

Let's just make sure all of you out there understand that it was not me that drank from that sock. I find it repulsive.

jessica r. said...

oh and jessica i got the blog yea!!!

MSM said...

You know your photographer and favorite singer is reading. . . . . !

jessica r. said...

Don't worry Jessica B.!!! I'll tell that story on my blog!!!! thanx so much

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