Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Williams Sonoma

Today was the 'free' day that we were going to Williams Sonoma - had to spend that gift card! I couldn't wait; but OF COURSE it turned out to be a stormy, windy, tornado- watch day; we weren't going anywhere unless it cleared up. We finally got to go around 2:30 or 3.

As soon as we got there an employee directed us to a sale table, so even though we could not wait to see all of the store, we went there first. We saw these little ice cream sandwich molds that I had wanted for a long time, but they had been kind of expensive; since they were on sale for only $2.99, I was finally able to get them. I also got more chocolate shavings that makes the BEST hot chocolate, along with a little decorating kit that has sprinkles, gel food coloring, and writing pens (for decorating cookies and cakes).

Then I started looking at the baking pans and found the coolest one: it's a pan for making shortcake. Mom has always loved (strawberry) shortcake but doesn't like buying the packaged ones from the store because they are pretty much just a round Twinkie (seriously, read the ingredients on one of those things). Mom and I debated whether or not we should get it because we would not be making that much shortcake, and it was kind of expensive. We did some quick math (quit laughing, SuSu), I still had enough, and if you can't be extravagant with a gift card, when can you be? So we put it on the checkout counter and walked over to try some samples. Just then, the store's district manager - not usually there - happened to walk by and see that we were getting the pan. She said she LOVED hers and used it for everything. She told us we could bake just about anything in there. She's made brownies and then put cream cheese or ice cream in the little bowl top. She's also cooked blueberry muffins and filled the top with fresh fruit and yogurt. We felt so much better about buying it!

We also got some utensil holders that you clip on a pot/pan that the spoon can slip into so all the stuff on the spoon will just drip back into the pot.
Tonight I made ice cream sandwiches and they were delish! (Mom ate a cow AND a pig. . . )
I Love Williams-Sonoma!


SuSu said...

I wouldn't dream of commenting on the math skills. However, I was wondering...would you come live with us for a while and cook for us? What kind of ice cream is in your sandwiches? Looks yummy!!

Mary said...

That picture is not actually mine(google). I used normal vanilla.

Mary said...

Like I said on someones in the kitchen with Mary, maybe next time I spend the night Jessica and I can make dinner and dessert!

Lyndsey said...

Hey Mary,
This is Jessica's friend Lyndsey. I stop by your blog from time to time to see what you are cooking. Those ice cream sandwiches are too cute. I was at the WS outlet today and bought some of those but they are for Christmas. Not sure if I can wait until then to use them..we'll see.

Mary said...

I glad you remember to look at my blog! The ice cream sandwich molds are really easy to use. I definitely would not be able to wait to use them. :)

sourpatch said...

Yeah, those are really cool desserts. Really cute, too... Anything else new? How's the clown minestry going? What's the name of your clown character?


Mary said...

My clown name is Lollipop. :D If you want to know more you can read the post.

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