Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sewing with Jessica

Today I signed up for a February homeschool sewing class (Sewing 101) at Serge N Sew. Jessica (Rye) is going to take it with me. It is only three lessons long, but we will make both a letter-shaped pillow and a small purse. I decided to make the letter "C" for Charlotte, because "M" sounded a little tricky to start out with.

Mom and I went to Hancock and picked up the patterns, notions and fabric. I am excited about learning to make things from patterns! If all goes well, I may sign up for the continuing classes and learn to make pajama pants and more.
This is the fabric I chose for my purse.

This is the fabric I chose for Charlotte's pillow. The colors didn't scan very true; it is more orange and yellow-y and BRIGHT than it looks on my monitor.

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