Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sarah's Visit

Today my friend Sarah came over. First I showed her my room, then we decided to make something with clay. She made a little box and I made a little "vase" with changeable flowers. Then while those were baking we played on the Wii. Sarah was very good at bowling for her first time. I am very glad she was able to come and we had a lot of fun. Next time she comes over, she'll have to stay longer!
(Jessica R - I cleaned my room and finally hung up the bulletin board you gave me for Christmas - it looks good and helps; I have lots of stuff on it already. I didn't really clean up for you because you're practically family.......)


sourpatch said...

Wow! The vase is REALLY pretty. You are so artistic...Is Sarah anyone I would know?


Mary said...

Thank you! Sarah is my team mate at Cordova Bowling. I can't think of anywhere you would have seen her.

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