Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Book of Randomness for Girls

A few days before Christopher's birthday last month we were wandering around Costco (it's not Disneyworld, but it's what we've got).  Mom usually goes straight to the books section and she noticed a big stack of The Daring Book for Girls;  she'd heard or read something about how popular the book was, so she started flipping through it.  She showed it to me because it had some funny and relevant subjects. 
Well, I kept reading it, all through the store.  It one of those books where there's so much cool stuff you don't have time to look at all of them.  Here's just a sampling of the randomness the book covers: How to Whistle With Two Fingers, Putting Your Hair Up With a Pencil, A Short History of Women Inventors and Scientists, Building a Campfire, Reading a Tide Chart, How To Be a Spy, Math Tricks, Robert's Rules, How to Change a Tire, Japanese T-shirt Folding, States, Statehood, Capitals, Flowers, and Trees- Plus Canada!

I have already tried to put my hair up with a pencil.  My hair is long right now so it only holds up some of it, the rest falls down.  I have also TRIED to whistle with two fingers, I don't think 
I will ever be able to whistle unless I have an acorn top.  The one thing I have been able to successfully do is to fold a T-shirt, Japanese style.  

They also have this same kind of book for boys.  I gave Christopher the boy's version for his birthday.  It has all different things in it.  If he had a blog he could post about it, but NO!


Rachel said...

That's so cool! I don't think I'd ever have the patience do to anything besides chuck them in my drawer! We found a mouse in my drawer when I was younger (I was 12, so don't worry, I don't have mice living in my drawer anymore).

Mary said...

If the mouse comes back you could get a cat. I'm pretty lazy too, but japanese t-shirt folding is easy.

MSM said...

Mary IS lazy. She takes after her sister Jessica.

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