Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today was my first clown "performance" of this year. We went to the Bellevue Impact Center (one of their satelite/outreach churches) and painted faces. I have a list of the things I can paint, and almost everybody wanted cherries. I don't know why people liked them so much. I probably painted about 40 cherries.

Now, I am going to show you how make a balloon animal dog. Because I'm SURE, all of you have a pump and balloons laying around.

Pump up the balloon leaving about one inch at the end, tie.

Make three bubbles, all the same size. Fold two of the bubbles down alongside the rest of the balloon.

Where the second two bubbles meet, twist two times

Make three more bubbles, the first a little smaller than the others

Do just like you did with the nose and ears, to make the neck and front legs

Make three more bubbles, but this time the first one bigger than the next two. The second and third bubbles are the back legs so make them the same size as the front legs.

Twist. . .

and VOILA!


Susan said...

I love the clown getup!!! Very cute pink wig.

Mary said...

Thank you!

janicefo281 said...

YOU are just TOO!

Caroline said...

Wow! That's you?

Mary said...

Yes, that is me. :D

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