Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cookie Cake

Tonight we went to Susan's and Michael's because it was Jessica's birthday.  There were about twenty people there - - mostly family.  

Mom and I got there a little bit early, and went up in Brandon's room (s).  He was showing us all his new collectibles and furniture that we hadn't seen yet. He was cleaning up and putting things away at the same time and speaking to us in the normal Brandon way: 'nowyoufoldyourtieslikethissotheydon'tgetwrinklesandyouknowthesearerealnicetiesandyou
basicallyrollthemupsotheystaysmooth' . . . and he was "asking" Mom's opinion about some things but he was more just talking to himself because he would answer himself before anybody else could say anything.  

Soon after, all of the other guests were there, so we went downstairs to say 'hi' to everybody.

Jessica had opened most of her presents earlier, but while we were all there she got three Starbucks cards and a super cute set of  tote bags with her initial on them.

Her candles were on a Cookie Cake that Susan made.  It was very delicious.  It was well decorated, also.  On the way home Mom was wondering were Susan got it; I said I thought that Susan made it.  Mom immediately called Susan and, of course, I was right!

It was fun!


Caroline said...

I'm glad that you had a good time at her party! I'm wishing for that cake right now...

Rachel said...

A recipe, I demend a recipe! :) If you could get the recipe from her, or if she could post it, that would be marvelous!!

sourpatch said...

Yeah, Rachel probably was meaning to say demand. All this home edumacating!


sourpatch said...

It sounds like Jessica got a lot of great stuff. If she would just post with pics... The world would be a brighter place!

sourpatch :)

MSM said...

Yeah, the big 13th, and Jessica celebrated all week practically..........but no post. . . . .

The cookie cake is from a big tub of cookie dough that they buy at Sam's. Susan said she just spreads it out on the round cookie sheet, leaving about an inch to the edges. Regular ol' frosting that she puts in a pastry bag to decorate.

Some of those cookie cakes are dry and crumbly and bland; this one was SOOOOO Good!

Susan said...

You girls flatter me. There isn't a recipe, msm is right. Just spread Pillsbury tub of chocolate chip cookies and bake. Jessica loves chocolate icing (and who wouldn't)so I write and decorate with that. Super easy and quite yummy. We're having company tomorrow night and I'm thinking of making another one because needless to say the first one is long gone.

I will say that Jessica did have a great bday and got lots of neat things. I'll try to make an assignment tomorrow that she post pictures from bday and the ear piercing. Stay tuned.

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