Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wandom Wednesday

Do you collect anything?

Lots of people collect the little P.L.U labels on fruits and vegetables. There are more than thirty web sites and there are even conferences for people who collect P.L.U labels. More than 75 billion labels a year are stuck to fruit and vegetables. Conventionally grown produce has four numbers (4011); organically grown has five numbers and it starts with a 9 (94011); and genetically modified has five numbers and starts with an 8 (84011). Most collectors look for labels from one fruit or vegetable. One lady has almost 7,000 banana labels. So,if you want a hobby, you could always collect P.L.U labels.


Caroline said...

That is a funny thing to collect! I like the banana stickers that say "I love lunchboxes" or things like that. I collect coins, erasers, stamps, and lots of other things too!

sourpatch said...

Have you seen those pictures that people make with those stickers on fruits and vegetables. They get all different colors of them and make really cool things. Hey Mary, do you know how to post videos on the blog?


Mary said...

Yes, I know how do post pictures on the blog. Do you want them in a post?

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