Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pop-Out Card

I am going to show you how to make a pop-out card. So far I have made 3, 2 for Mom and 1 for my neighbor across the street. She is turning 84 tomorrow. HAPPY B-DAY, FLORA DELL!

First you decide what you want to "pop-out". You can use hearts, stars, and flowers and bugs, or any thing else you can think of.

Get two pieces of paper the same size, of the same color. Fold them both in half. Pick the one that is going to be the inside, keep it folded in half, and cut a couple of inches down from the top in a triangle like shape, the picture will help explain it.

Now glue the pieces together, the one with the cut on the inside. Decorate the front however you want. I decorated the front of Flora's with a paper collage.

Next choose what you are going to glue on the pop-out section. With the card I made for Flora I used flowers and bugs. Make sure you cut out plenty of what you're using for the inside. Glue them in whatever placement you want, for any that are on the fold, bend them just like the fold. That's pretty much it. Once you get the hang of the cards, they will get much easier to make.

These are awesome and they are fun to give someone because you made it, but it is "fancy". The triangle that "pops-out" is a good place to stick money. Have fun making them. :)


sourpatch said...

VERY NICE!! I've always wanted to do something like that! I'll have to try it!


sourpatch said...

I tried it, but it didn't turn out as pretty as yours. I did achieve the pop-out effect though. Your so creative, it's not even funny!!


Mary said...

I'm glad you already tried it. You definitely need to try it again. It is kind of hard to glue on the pop-out though. It's good you already have the hang of getting the pop-out, first time I did it, not so pretty.

MSM said...

Elana, keep trying, and your cards will get better and better. Mary IS creative, but it doesn't hurt that our home is a mini Hobby Lobby! We have templates, stickers, colored and fancy paper, markers, etc.

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