Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jan and Flora Dell

Always smiling Flora Dell

Another thing that was going on on busy Tuesday: we were saying goodbye to Jan and Flora Dell. Jan is our neighbor, and her mom, Flora Dell, has been visiting. Jan was taking her mom to Georgia to visit her sister. Jan will be back today, but we won't see Flora Dell until next year! : (

Jan and Flora Dell make a lot of crafty things that they sell. One thing they make that they have given us is a kitchen scrubby. They make them by crocheting some scratchy nylon, in all colors. They package them in a ziploc bag with a little poem:

I'm not as fragile as you think.
I'll wash your dishes, clean your sink.
For washing veggies, I can't be beat.
In your bath, I'm great for your feet.
I can take the lint off your clothes.
I could probably even scratch your nose.
For bugs on your car, give me try.
Paint on your hands? Tell it goodbye!
I'm nylon soft, but tough as iron.
Just rinse me out when you're thru -


We are really going to miss Flora Dell. At least Jan won't be gone that long.


Caroline said...

It is too bad that Flora Dell is leaving. That is a cute poem! Did they make it up?

Mary said...

I am pretty sure they made it up.

Caroline said...

Wow, they must be good at writing poems! I'm not too good at it.

Rachel said...

Do you think you get the pattern from her? And what kind of yarn she uses. Thanks!

janicefo281 said...

Mom makes these scrubbies for added income. Her social security does not go far, and at 3$ a scrubbie, she is not going to get rich. I do think her scrubbies are exceptionally good quality, they are made of 100% nylon, and they won't scratch anything, even chrome(for the guys). They get off bugs from the front of your car too. You must rinse them very well after using. Every week or so put them in the dishwasher or washing machine. They last forever, and when you are done with one job, put it to use somewhere else.

The pattern is simple. Chain 3, sl to form circle. chain 2, 2 Half double crochet in circle 12 times,sl to close circle, chain 2,2 half double crochet in each stitch and sl to close circle, chain 2, half double crochet in first stitch, half double crochet in second stitch, 2 half double crochet in third stitch,continue the 1-1-2 half doubles to finish circle and sl to close and tie off.

It's easy...the hard part is getting the stiff nylon. You can buy it in Walmart in 54 in goods, but then you have to cut it 3inches wide and have between 9 and 10 yards long. We have been fortunate to find a place that sells it to us, but you must purchase $100. at a time, so we will be happy to sell you a 3in by 40 yd roll of the colors that we carry for $3. You should get 4 scrubbies out of a roll.

Thanks for showing and asking about Mom's scrubbies.

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