Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Until a few minutes ago I did not know why you wear green today. Then Mom explained that if you didn't wear green you would get pinched. I am not wearing green, please don't pinch me.

About two weeks ago Mom bought a shamrock. The shamrock has leaves that look like clover along with little white flowers. Every day it has more and more flowers. The cool thing is that during the day there all the little flowers and the leaves are all spread out, but at night all the flowers close and the leaves look like they are wilting. It is a very nice plant so if you're thinking of putting a plant somewhere, the shamrock would be ideal.




Anonymous said...

That is a really cool plant! I will have to think about getting one...

sourpatch said...

That's very interesting about the shamrock. Sounds like a good plant to have around.

*cyberpinch* teehee


Mary said...

I asked you not to pinch me. :( That really hurt.

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