Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's been a busy (in a good way) couple of days since my last post! And speaking of that - thanks for the great suggestions of bird names, keep them coming.

On Tuesday, we had Charlotte. Mom had to go get her because Jessica's tire was flat. Then, we were getting calls from Matt, looking for Dad, because his car was messing up. Then, Patsy came over to visit and to get Christopher's help loading some things she'd bought for her house in Union City. She was in town for an appointment and drove Uncle Frederick's red truck.

Then, Jessica R. came over after her writing class to spend the night. Jessica and I got Charlotte to go to sleep and then we played on the Wii. (Well, actually, Jessica played a little bit but then she started texting Scott). After I stopped playing on the Wii and Jessica stopped texting we started a game of Life.

Soon after though, we had to leave and take Charlotte back to Jessica and Matt. We had to take her back because Matt was supposed to pick her up, but he barely made it home since his car was acting funky. They were gonna change Jessica's flat and come and get her, but found out that the spare to the Saturn had a montrous hole in it. Mom, Jessica, and I stayed at their house while Matt and Christopher left to go to Gateway to get another tire. They got there too late so Gateway couldn't fix it.

Jessica and Matt were supposed to go to Susan's and Michael's and our car was not big enough drive everybody. They called Brandon and he happened to be close by so he came and picked them up to take them there. They were able to borrow their old van.

We took Christopher home, then Mom took Jessica and me to Lenny's. Afterwards, Jessica went to Starbuck's and got some Vanilla Latte thing. We left Starbuck's and went to Target to return some stuff and look around. Finally, we got back home, and because Jessica didn't want to watch American Idol with Mom and me, she decided to get Christopher to teach her how to solve a Rubik's cube.

Then, today, we had Charlotte for about twenty minutes in the morning while Jessica was getting groceries. Then, Jessica R. and I had to go to sewing class. We were able to finish our pajama pants and get all the pieces cut out for our pajama shirts. After sewing, we went our separate ways for bowling. When Christopher and I got home from bowling Mom and I started cooking dinner. After dinner we watched American Idol to see who would be eliminated. So, today was busy also, but now the day is over.

Charlotte when she doesn't get her way


Jessica texting her Beloved

Poor little Saturn

Football Baby!


Brandon! Great Timing!

Pajama pants


Susan said...

Mary, what interesting reading and might I say really cute pictures of my kids? Is your mom always standing ready with a camera in her hands? Jessica said she hasn't updated her blog because her life is boring, and I reminded her she took part in most of that day you were able to blog so nicely about. Keep up the good work. Nana is the one who called to "fuss" at Jessica for texting Scott instead of playing with you. She's reading daily evidently.

Mary said...

Yes, she almost always has her camera at the ready. Mom and Jessica already had the argument of NEVER blogging. I intend to try and blog everyday. I am glad Nana reads and told Jessica she shouldn't text when she is with a friend. :)

I really think you need to get a blog, susu.

MSM said...

True; Jessica R and I had a DISCUSSION about the fact that she doesn't update her blog enough, and that when she does she justs copies some email she's been sent.
BORING!! Doesn't keep us up to date AT ALL. But someone EVEN WORSE at blogging is Brandon, so maybe it runs in the fam. Mary has a good idea SuSu, you do need to take over and post for your two slackers.

sourpatch said...

Wow! Kind of sounds like my life when I'm with my grandma! That picture of Jess, look at those puppy-dog eyes! Innocent, I'm sure.

Brandon got his hair cut I noticed.

Nice pajama pants! Like the Chick-Fil-A impression

Nice pics of charlotte, too! She sure has a temper... That pic of her crying with her face all red kind of reminds me of myself!

I do agree with everyone else, you do need a blog Mrs. Susan. You'd be soooo good at it. When I'm looking at everyone's blogs twice a day (it's an obsession, if only people would post...), I often think you need one.

tootles, sourpatch

Anonymous said...

MAN you had a busy two days! I haven't seen that side of Charlotte :)

P.S. You should really get a blog Susan. They are soo much fun! Kind of addicting though...

jessica r. said...

you you you I told you no pictures!!!

MSM said...

Kind of looks like you POSED for that pic, so...... what's your beef? It's not an embarrassing photo of you snoring and drooling. . .. we wouldn't DO THAT.

Susan said...

Jess must have been excited about texting because it's been a long time since I've seen such a happy face on her. You're right, it does look like a posed picture. But, kudos to the photographer.

I have to say, Charlotte is quite the character throwing her little temper tantrum. Cute as can be though, especially with that red face from all the screaming. What did y'all do to her?

Mary said...

I wouldn't give her the camera. So, actually, I took the temper tantrum pictures.

janicefo281 said...

Great job on the cow pajama pants!

My first word was cow...I guess that is why I have a great collection of over 500, and it's my favorite animal, needless to say.

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